Se.co.pack is focused on environment and sustainability : the wrapping system (technical support + thinner and stronger stretch films) is a means to move up the “Waste Hierarchy” , as it allows to eliminate/reduce some or all materials.
These new stretch films for pallet wrapping developed and produced by Se.co.pack are thinner and stronger and give more meters of film per 1 kg , reducing the PE consumption (less plastic = less oil).
Se.co.pack wrapping system allows to save raw materials, water , energy, transports and reduces the overall environmental impact , as using less PE means less plastic to dispose and less CO2 produced .
(The production of polyethylene means 1,9 kg CO2 per 1 kg of plastic – see : “ Eco-profiles of the European Plastics Industry” - www.plasticseurope.org)

The use of these stretch films for pallet wrapping had a positive impact on :
- costs saving
- Conai tax costs reduction (Italian tax on plastic materials € 188/ton)
- time reduction for hand wrapping (lighter reels = less physical energy required to the operators to wrap the pallets)
- stock reduction (increased reel length = less reels necessary to do the same quantity of wrappings)
- superior load retention and better stability , to deliver more goods undamaged

The packaging technology developed by Se.co.pack (technical support for the use of stretchfilms with reduced thickness and mechanical resistance increased) allows to eliminate / reduce the amount of plastic material used.

Reduce the amount of plastic used means:
• reduce the use of raw material, water, energy, transportation during production
• reduce the amount of plastic to be disposed of after use
• reduce the amount of CO2 produced (the production of 1 kg of polyethylene corresponds to 1.9 kg of CO2 - "Ecoprofiles of the European plastics Industries - www.plasticseurope.org)

The increase length developed by 1 kg of technical stretch film, allows to reduce significantly the consumption of the amount (weight) of the total plastic used to perform the same operations (at least twice quantity of conventional stretch film should be necessary).

This meets the requirement of environmental protection and environmental sustainability.

The Waste Hierarchy is an international instrument recognized for assessing the environmental impact of packaging .

Our goal is to reduce the volume of packaging materials but not at the expense of their primary functions of protection of goods in normal conditions of distribution , storage and use .
Se.co.pack’s stretchfilms fulfil conform to most of the requirements of the Waste Hierarchy as :
• Reduction in the consumption of PE because they use low thickness
• The product is recyclable . During combustion they develop only carbon dioxide , water and energy
• All components are usable for reuse, recycling and production of energy