What is on the pallet , how much it weighs and which is the wrapping method (hand or machine wrapping) are all factor in the equation to be considered in order to CHOOSE THE RIGHT PRODUCT TO GET THE BEST RESULT (right thickness, overlap, revolutions ensuring the suitable containment of the goods).

SE.CO.PACK value proposition includes a tailored customer service and free technical assistance to obtain :
- Overall cost reduction (€ )
- Improved efficiency (TIME)
- Reduced labor cost (€ )
- Reduced operator fatigue (PEOPLE)
- Improved sustainability (PEOPLE)
- Reduction of usaleables because of damages (€+TIME)
- Customer satisfaction (PEOPLE)
SE.CO.PACK worked together with operators in order to choose a new range of stretch films , (thickness , elongation, elastic memory) each one is suitable to get the right containment force; getting the most from the right product means significant saving.

This previous technical cooperation with the operators allows to set a measurable standard , that is repeatable and cost/pallet effective .

SECOPACK wants to introduce an innovative packaging technology able of reducing costs / time / plastic used , while improving the strength of containment and stability of the packed pallets .

Inform users and work with them is essential to provide the most suitable product to ensure the safety of goods along the supply chain with an effective and verifiable cost savings .

Key factors to consider in choosing the stretch film are :
- The type of product to be packaged
- The total weight of the pallet to film
- The method of packaging (manual or semiautomatic / automatic )

Analyze the factors of this " equation " allows to CHOOSE THE MOST SUITABLE STRETCHFILM TO GET THE BEST RESULTS ”