15 years experience on pre-stretched and technical  stretch films  (hand or machine wrapping) , combined with the technical meetings with operators , allowed us to supply a “wrapping system” able to reduce costs ,  time and plastic  while improving load retention and stability of the wrapped pallets. 

It is not easy to supply technical stretch films to operators , as each department has different jobs to do and different pallets to wrap . This means , of course , that technical requirements are different.

What is common are “time” ,“human” and “stock” factors .

TIME IS MONEY : no time to loose with low quality or wrong stretch film .
It is important to consider the pallets weight and dimension and the wrapping method to supply the right product , in order to get optimized containment with the right quantity of stretchfilm , needing less time and less physical energy .

HUMAN FACTOR : focused on some new products , requiring less stretching energy than standard stretch films, to achieve the same (or better) wrapping force .
The result is lighter reels , with reduced width and thickness , easier to manage for the operator .
This allows quick application and less physical strenght , as no stretching is required .

STOCK : warehouse is devoted almost completely to stretch films .
More than 30 items are considered “standard range” , with a total stock of about 1800 pallets always available for prompt shipments.
This means that the delivery time is very short for each item , which represents an advantage for the final user.